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About Us

The Lord has given Christian Faith Center prophetic direction about the vision He has for our area time and time again.

God has called Dilley,

“The Spiritual Capital of South Texas.”

He has promised us waters deep, lives touched, souls healed, and deliverance in a fabulous sweep. The people will come in droves, there won’t be enough rows. The anointing will rise to such a level, it will seem as if there is no devil.

As we walk out His commission for us, our focus is the people He dearly loves. We strive to show Jesus to everyone who walks through our doors by welcoming you with open arms and smiling faces.

Whether this is your first time or your five hundredth, we desire to make you feel like family.

What do I wear?

Come as you are. Wear what you have. Whether it’s jeans,
a brand new dress, or a designer suit, we are happy to have you.

Why is everyone going to the stage area during praise and worship?

We believe that the giving of tithes and offerings and the taking of communion
is an act of worship. Our altars are open during this time to allow anyone who wants
to give their tithes and offerings and/or partake in communion to do so. ​
Our only requirement for communion is that you have made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life.

What are those books on the table in the back of the sanctuary?

Our book table is full of books that Pastor Jacky believes will help us in
our walk with the Lord. If you will use them, please help yourself, free of charge